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Petradise regularly restocks fresh dog food for all dog breeds. Labrador retriever? Siberian Husky? Yorkshire terrier? We got you! All our dog food are suitable for all breeds! Buy it now with nationwide delivery in Singapore!

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Pedigree Adult Complete
Nutrition Dog Food

$39.99  $32.99

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4health Large Breed
Formula Adult Dog Food

$29.99  $24.99

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4health Untamed Red
Canyon Recipe Dog Food

$49.99  $39.99

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Kibbles n Bits Bacon &
Steak Flavor Dry Dog Food

$44.99  $38.99

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Customer's Review

Best healthy dog food

Angelia Ang

"I learned about Petradise from my friends and I decided to try out the dog food they are selling for my dog. After my first purchase, I am very pleased and happy with the quality and safety of the food. Now, I'm proud to say I am a regular customer of Petradise"

High quality pet food

Mary Chia

"I was really hesistant to buy from Petradise as I don't know the quality of their products. However, I do not regret my purchase because the dog food I got was really good and the team behind it is really responsive and friendly. 10/10 would recommend!"

Fashionable pet apparel


Thank you Petradise for this amazing dog apparel. I really love it and I think it looks great on my dog! Will definitely buy again.

Comfortable pet tag

Samantha Holmes

I found Petradise online and decided to try out their dog tags for one of my dog. It came in good quality and it is really attractive. I had to get a second one as my other dog seems really jealous because he don't have it haha.

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